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Röris in english


Röris is Friskis&Svettis exercise program for kids

Röris was created for use with children from preschool age up to third grade. It is based on the same basic idea as the classic Friskis&Svettis adult exercise program.

THE MUSIC PROVIDES inspiration and it’s fun and easy to follow along right from the start. Cardiovascular fitness, strength training, flexibility, balance, and relaxation are covered in eight parts which can be used individually or together.

THE ENTIRE PROGRAM takes about 20 minutes. Röris can be used both indoors and out and does not require a change of clothes. The program consists of a CD with music and spoken instructions as well as a poster with illustrations of the movements.

Röris 5

This is the fifth CD with Friskis&Svettis jympa for children from six to nine years of age. Apart from the main 20-minute program which includes rest as well as activity, the fifth CD also has three bonus programs: one with a calmer beginning for tired mornings, a second with greater playfulness to encourage camaraderie and a third with relaxation for calming down.

THE MAIN PROGRAM works both when there is surplus of energy and when new energy and better focus are needed in the classroom. Röris can be done inside or out, as a gym class in school or at recreation centers.

AS ALWAYS, RÖRIS 5 contains music and movements that can really get both kids and adults going. And so far there is no sign of a decrease in the need for a fun way to exercise. Enjoy!