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Friskis&Svettis associations
Friskis&Svettis is an organisation which is comprised of 156 non-profit sports associations. One condition to be a Friskis&Svettis association is a membership in Friskis&Svettis Riks, the umbrella association, and connection to the Swedish Sports Confederation via a special sports federation.

Each member association has a number of rights and as number of obligations. This is regulated in our joint steering document which is:
  • Terms and conditions for member associations in Friskis&Svettis
  • Friskis&Svettis Riks Regulations
  • Individual association Standard Regulation
  • Rules and recommendations
  • Friskis&Svettis values

Each association is responsible for its finances. The operation is financed by member and training fees. Possible earnings always go back to the operation. Just like all sports associations, each association has the possibility to i.e. obtain local activity support for their youth activities.

Each association is responsible for its members and stewards. The non-profit commitment is the Friskis&Svettis business? primary success factor.

The training offer varies in the associations according to the association’s different stipulations. However it is collective that all leaders and instructors are educated and certified/licenced via Friskis&Svettis Riks. The education is the base keeping evaluations and culture alive.

A condition for ensuring that member democracy works is that all members have the possibility to influence the operation and the development in their association. Each year all members in Friskis&Svettis are invited to an annual meeting by their association. At each annual meeting a board is appointed, which the members assign to lead the association’s business during the operational year.

Friskis&Svettis Riks, the associations’ association

The individual association is the member’s association and Friskis&Svettis Riks is the associations’ association. The goal of the associations’ association is to promote the business’ and members associations’ common interests as well as to administrate the Friskis&Svettis? idea and quality.

The development of the training designs, education and communication around these is Friskis&Svettis Riks’ largest and most important area of operation. In order to facilitate training development, planning and the implementation of operations, Friskis&Svettis Riks shall conduct training development, collect the associations’ experiences and distribute them. The dialogue between Friskis&Svettis Riks and member associations is fundamental for the development of the national movement.

Another very important part in Friskis&Svettis Riks’ mission is to live our joint evaluations. Our evaluations are found in everything we do, in each meeting with the members, in the education, at the conventions, in each decision, in all communication and in training experiences.

Friskis&Svettis Riks also has the mission of representing the associations on joint issues. The spokesperson for Friskis&Svettis operations is Secretary General Peter Wigert.

The member associations have given as an assignment to Friskis&Svettis Riks to own, protect and develop Friskis&Svettis’ brand.

Friskis&Svettis Riks’ member associations are invited to the annual general meeting each year. The highest decision-making body within Friskis&Svettis is the Friskis&Svettis’ annual general meeting.