Friskis&Svettis Malmö

Classes A-Ö


Classes A–Ö

Aerobics Read more
– step combinations with a dance vibe

Bosu Read more
– core class with the bosu apparatus

Box Read more
– box and martial arts training meets keep fit

Cirkelfys Read more
– functional, athletic training at stations

Cirkelgym Read more
– group training in the gym

Core mamma Read more
– training after pregnancy

Cross Read more
– varied outdoor training with jogging and strength training at stations

Dans afro Read more
– step and rhythm with inspiration from African dance

Dans fuego Read more
– steamy and hot with Latin rhythms

Flex Read more
– functional exercise with agility in focus

HIT Read more
– highly intense exercise

IndoorWalking Read more
– fitness exercise on an elliptical trainer, basic and intermediate level

IntervallFlex Read more
– tough combined workout for fitness, strength and agility

Jogg Read more
– outdoor training’s classic – from beginner level to more challenging classes

Jympa Read more
– our classic group training – basic, medium and intensive levels

Jympa enkel Read more
–jympa for the mentally challenged

Jympa familj Read more
– playful jympa for children and adults together

Jympa junior 7–12 Read more
– jympa for children aged 7 – 12

Jympa knatte Read more
– jympa for children without adults, ages 4 – 6

Jympa puls/medel Read more
– jympa with more focus on fitness

Ki balans Read more
– liberating, focused and comfortable training

Senior Read more
– jympa for seniors

Skivstång Read more
– effective and challenging strength training

SkivstångIntervall Read more
– effective strength and tough fitness

SkivstångSpin Read more
– combiclass with strength and fitness

Spinning Read more
– fitness training on cycles – basic, medium and intensive levels

Spin puls Read more
– spinning with direct feedback on your training

Station 75 Read more
– keep fit with strength training at stations

Station senior Read more
– exercise with fitness training at the stations/machines

Stavgång Read more
– train outside with poles

Step Read more
– step combinations with a dance feeling on a step-up board

Vatten Read more
– enjoyable keep fit in water

Yoga Read more
– our own form of yoga